Dinner Menu $30

~ Appetizer ~


Harira Vegetables soup with lentils, tomatoes and garbanzo.

Traditional Moroccan Salads

Roasted eggplant, sliced carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Garbanzo, Tahini, Olive oil, garlic, herbs and lemon juice.

~Second Course ~

Our famous filo dough stuffed with Chicken, Eggs Almonds and Spices.

All topped with a dusting of Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon

~ Entree ~

Tagine of Chicken

Lemon Chicken served with olives and preserved lemons.

Tagine of Lamb

Roasted Lamb in honey sauce topped with Prunes.

Tagine of Fish

Baked with Green Pepper, Tomatoes and Olives

Couscous Royal

Steamed semolina topped with Chicken kabobs and Merguez (Moroccan Lamb Sausage) with Vegetables.

~ Dessert ~

Fresh Mint Tea and Homemade Baklava

Tented tables, low lights, painted clouds on the ceiling and lively belly dancers will surely delight you and your guest dining experience!

1976 Newport Blvd, 
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-8384
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Dinner $30

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